Federated Distributors, Inc. (FDI) was founded in late 1995 by a group of successful entrepreneurs in the Philippines intent on keeping in stride with a revitalized economy and interfacing with a rapidly changing global economy. Today, after seventeen years in the business, FDI has grown in prominence to become one of the acknowledged industry leaders.

The company’s strength lies in its expertise in providing superior brand representation and distribution of imported food products in the local market. FDI’s success is largely attributed to a proactive Management Team and its highly motivated personnel complement of dedicated and talented professionals that take pride not only in the company’s accomplishment and phenomenal growth but with FDI’s reputation for excellence – both in the quality of the products it represents, as well as the quality of the services it provides to suppliers and retailers alike.

  • FDI’s 2-storey office building sits on a 8,000sqm lot area.
  • FDI has 3 warehouse locations, including cold storage, with a total area of almost 6,000sqm.
  • FDI has its own trucking and logistics for its transport and delivery requirements.

Bringing Home the World’s Premium Brands